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STILL My Favorite Avon Items

Friday, August 14 2015

If I had to chose a Very Favorite Avon item, it would still be Avon Bubble Bath.I use it every evening in the tub to wash my day away! I love that Avon always has a new seasonal scent although Vanilla is appropriate any day. I use the Naturals Shower Gel in Vanilla scent and the Naturals Vanilla lotion as one of my favorite and have to have items. Vanilla usually blends well most other fragrances, too, and makes a thoughtful and useful gift! Avon Bubble Bath doesn't leave a ring of dirt in the tub. All the dirt washes right down the drain! I use a small amount in a squirt bottle plus a few drops of Lavender essential oil (kills germs) for my kitchen counter tops!Avon Bubble Bath doesn't over dry my skin and leaves me feeling clean and refreshed.Give it a try TODAY...Wendy